Your online impression is often your first. Make your best impression with Facility.

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    • Web Development
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    Brand Identity Design

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    • Business Cards
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    Photography & Video

    • Corporate Portraits
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1. Discover

Starting with a creative workshop with your team, we take time to understand your company, your culture, your values, your goals, and your clients. Combined with an in-depth survey of the competitive landscape and trendcasting, your new online presence begins to take form.

2. Design

With a strategy in place, our team combines creative writing, design, photography, video, and the latest technologies to tell your story in a clear and interesting way that resonates with your audience. Each step is catered to you - no templates, no stock photos. Just the premium digital presence to make you the obvious choice.

3. Optimize

Just like you, we never settle. Your site launch isn’t the end of our project, it’s just the beginning. By analyzing how visitors navigate it, our team optimizes your site to fit actual user experience and increase conversions. Your site shouldn’t just look good. It should work for you.

4. Grow

Having a great site isn’t enough - you need quality traffic to make the most of your investment. Our team will build brand awareness and increase visitors to your site by following a strategic plan that includes custom content, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.


Luke and Michael in reviewing designs
Anthony Setting Up Camera
Brian Flying Drone
Brian Directing Client

Facility is a creative studio located in Pasadena, CA. We are a passionate and hardworking collective of designers, marketing strategists, photographers, and videographers ready to help our clients bring their brands to life.

We have over a decade of digital experience and have a deep understanding of the commercial real estate and finance industries. We offer dynamic solutions to help our clients engage new partners, inform investors, and empower their team.

Luke Swenson
Founder & Creative Director